DBT Training

I provide training to DBT therapists through training teams and workshops. I co-lead a team at HRC Behavioral Health and Psychiatry, PA with Mareah Steketeee, PhD. Training teams are a combination of a consultation team and an educational group, providing support to therapists and teaching the DBT framework at the same time. If you are interested in joining one of these training teams, please contact me. The cost of the training team is $50 per month.

HRC Training Team: The second Monday of each month, 9:30-11:00 am, at HRC

The typical training team is structured as follows:

  • Mindfulness: 15 minutes
  • Business & Agenda Setting: 15 minutes
  • Case Consultation: 30 minutes
  • Didactic: 30 minutes

Requirements for Training Teams:

To be on a training team, you must first complete a Two-Day DBT Workshop taught by an approved instructor. You must also commit to the following agreements:

  • Dialectical Agreement (to follow a dialectical philosophy);
  • Consultation to the Client Agreement (to empower and not fragilize clients);
  • Consistency Agreement (to not insist on consistency, but accept diversity and change);
  • Observing and Stretching Limits Agreements (to respect our own and each other’s limits, and to practice stretching our limits when effective);
  • Phenomenological Empathy Agreement (to find empathic, non-pejorative interpretations of ours and others’ behaviors);
  • Fallibility Agreement (to admit to mistakes, humanness and to recognize and let go of defensiveness).

I am also available for individual supervision for DBT therapists. If you are interested in supervision, please contact me to discuss this option or to schedule an appointment.